Welcome to the E. E. Rogers SDA School

E. E. Rogers Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) School holds a unique position in its effort to educate our children. As a religious educational institution, it has a program that seeks to educate the intellect, the heart, the hands, and to create a redemptive perspective (to create in our children a reflective image of God).  Being mindful of such purposes, E. E. Rogers SDA School is committed to educating boys and girls of any nationality to begin the process of assuming leadership at home, in church, in the nation, and wherever else their knowledge and skills may be needed.


You have made the right choice by considering this school to attend. Education without spiritual rendering is destined to be driven by the lowest human desires.  This school calls you to the highest ideals of the human spirit and conscience.


Bethany Parker
Principal/ Head Teacher


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